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Money Shot

Author: Brian Rouff
Genre: Mainstream
Reviewed by: Kevin Tipple

MoneyshotAlan "Nick" (to all his friends) Nichols is doing pretty well in Las Vegas as an executive at a Las Vegas advertising agency. Not that he is exactly proud of his career choices or his current employment. After several promotions, he isn't doing the stuff he likes to do but he has a good handle on what the job is these days.

"Today, my job consists of selling stuff nobody needs to people who don't know any better." (Page 2)
That and dealing with moronic, ego driven clients, the occasional backstabbing coworker, a looming midlife crisis, a challenging teenage daughter, and a wife that knows him way too well and still loves him anyway. He has his hands full and everything is rocking along at the usual pace until he unwittingly purchases the winning soda on his way to work. Under the bottle cap, as helpfully pointed out by a co-worker, is the secret code and chance to shoot a three point shot at halftime of the coming NCAA regional finals in Phoenix. Should he sink the basket, he wins a cool million bucks.

We have all seen those shots on television sports over the years to the point that such promotions have become commonplace. But what author Brian Rouff does is to take a commonplace event and then dive into the backstory. The book isn't so much about the shot but the four weeks leading up to the event and the pressures Nick feels from all sides. Not only his internal expectations in that he wants the money and doesn't want to look pathetic on television, but also the sudden expectations of others as he puts everything on the line in a single minded quest to make the shot. Unlike the advertising stuff, this is work and as he goes about his temporary job, he learns more about himself and others than he ever thought possible.

Like in his extremely enjoyable first novel, Dice Angel, author Brian Rouff once again creates realistic, likeable characters, an interesting plot and storyline, and several twists to keep the reader guessing until the very last page. His affection for the city of Las Vegas comes through, as does his offbeat sense of humor. This is another great read and well worthy of your consideration.


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Brian Rouff has succeeded in capturing the essence of life in the city of Las Vegas. Money Shot chronicles the unique experience of hoop-dream fortunes gained and lost in a city that all the locals know eventually sleeps.
Money Shot points out the mediocrity of life as a corporate executive in a refreshingly real look at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
I jammed through this book in a few hours, and was not disappointed, neither will you! Rouff really knows Vegas!

Posted by: R. Fisher | Jul 10, 2005 4:57:34 AM

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